Our in-patient department has a capacity of comfortably accommodating 120 patients. Our wards have been divided as per the presenting cases where we have:
    Male and female surgical wards
    Gynecological ward
    Pediatric ward
    Newborn unit
    Maternity Ward ( Ante- natal, Labor and Postnatal ward)
The above are divided into either general or private ward depending on the client preferences.
All the patient beds are standard adjustable hospital beds, comfortable, each with a bedside switch, bedside alarm bell switch (for requesting attention medical or otherwise), bedside lamp and partitioning curtains. These beds are spaced as per the recommended international standards.
The department has the capacity to handle a wide variety of conditions including:
All types of surgeries; orthopedic, general surgery, urological cases, cardiothoracic cases, neurological cases, Ear Nose and throat (ENT) cases, gastroenterology and acute trauma cases.
    Medical conditions which include;
    Cardiovascular conditions
    Metabolic disorders
    Gastrointestinal conditions
    Genito-Urinary conditions
    Respiratory conditions
    Gynecological and Obstetric conditions to include labor and delivery.
    Newborn unit with incubators available.
    Pediatric conditions
Nursing services are provided by a team of qualified nurses licensed by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK). This ensures that the hospital’s vision of provision of quality healthcare is achieved. The Nakuru Nursing Home inpatient department embraces Primary Nursing Care for all the wards, geared towards giving personalized care to each patient during their stay in the hospital. Our patients are treated and taken care of in a comfortable environment that promotes patient privacy, recovery and wellbeing.

Nakuru Nursing Home has three Visiting Sessions as outlined below:
Morning Session           6.00 am -  7.00 am
Lunch Session              1.00 pm -  2.00 pm
Evening Session           4.30pm -  6.00 pm

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