Nakuru Nursing Home (NNH) is a Level 4 hospital located in Nakuru Town, Nakuru Town East Constituency, Nakuru County, Kenya in East Africa. The scope of complex cases especially in Critical Care at NNH has made us a regional center for referrals, research, education and patient care. We boast of one of the best Intensive Care Units (ICU) within Nakuru County (currently hosting 7 (No) bed capacity) and with our upcoming expansion, shall be the only hospital in the region with an ICU bed capacity of 22 (No) beds.

Over the last year from April 2020 during and throughout the peak of Covid19 pandemic till Now , we confidently and assuredly have treated ....... Critically Ill Patients out of whom ........ regained their health and a total of ......... succumbed to the virus presenting a mortality rate of ....%. This compared to other institutions under similar circumstances as were and have been, strives to prove that our Critical Care Team of doctors and nurses is Committed Whole Heartdly in trying their level best in saving lives.

For more information about our critical care department, please visit our hospital or call us on 254-709 750 135. 

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