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In 1984, the first of structures that now constitute Nakuru Maternity and Nursing Home were constructed. The structure housed all the four departments that the hospital started out with. They include:

  • Outpatient – Offered curative services, maternity and MCH
  • In patient- Accommodated up to 45 patients and offered maternity, surgical medical and pediatric services
  • Theater- Offered both minor and major surgeries
  • Kitchen and laundry

A fairly equipped laboratory and small sized pharmacy were also set up during this time. But it wasn’t long before we began our first phase of expansion.

In 1991, a maternity wing was constructed. As a result, the hospital was able to now host up to 60 patients. The laundry was also expanded and a storage facility set up. Eventually, the number of patients began to increase gradually and this prompted the need to expand our facility’s structure and services again.ICU & HDU Unit

So in 1992, we added an x-ray department and a competent radiographer was employed to oversee its smooth operations.  A new block that housed additional private wards was then constructed in 1995 and this saw the bed capacity increase from 59 all the way to 67.This remains our facility’s bed capacity to date.

We have also continued to invest in new and efficient hospital equipment and services. For instance, we now have an ICU Centre complete with ICU trained nurses and doctors. Plans are underway to add an ICU ambulance as well.

The design and projection of a new Renal Unit is also complete and it will be built alongside an cardial clinic. Lastly, we also plan to set up a postmodern outpatient centre that we hope will help refine our outpatient care.


Right from the beginning, we have only employed qualified, skilled and registered health professionals. When the facility started out, NMNH Staffwe only had 6 nurses, a cook, an attendant and two laundry people. But more than 20 years later, we now have a large team of health professionals across all the vital health fields.

Why Choose Us?

At Nakuru Maternity & Nursing Home, we boast a competent team of care givers, nurses, doctors and other specialists who work extra hard and are always willing to go the extra mile in ensuring everyone who walks into our facility feels comfortable, safe and receives great health care. We do this every day.

Thank you for Visiting Us.

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